Friday, December 30, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Browns Round 2

Wow. Last game of the 2011 NFL Season, crazy. The Steelers need to win and need help if they want the number 1 or 2 seed. No help from other teams and they'll be stuck at the number 5 seed.

Steelers 30 Browns 13

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Monday, December 26, 2011

That a boy Chuck: Steelers vs Rams Recap

Steelers 27 Rams 0

Charlie Batch got the start, and managed the Steelers to a win over the hapless Rams. Batch impressed me, he escaped some sacks and made some throws that kept drives alive. Bonus, he didn't hurt the Steelers offense. They took a while to get going, but really started to dominate in the second half and put up some much needed points. The Rams on the other hand are just bad, Stephen Jackson, your talent has been wasted. The Steelers defense, really needs to get some more pressure on the Quarterback the entire game. Better have some big plans for the playoffs or you'll be out in one game.


Dick Stockton and John Lynch. Wow. Horrible doesn't even describe Lynch as an announcer. The guy was all over place, making no sense as times. Really Fox, hire some better announcers. I mean if you really need someone, give me a call. I have zero experience, but have been following football for most of my life. I have the same qualifications as these former Pros, except I won't have a word of the day calendar or tell dumb stories that have no meaning for the game being played on the field.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Rams

I honestly have no idea if this Clemens will be the starter for the Rams or not. I don't even know what to make of this game, if the Steelers are starting Batch over Dixon they're really just throwing in the towel. NO WAY IN HELL that Ben should even be dressed for this game.

Steelers 20

Rams 9

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blown Opportunity: Steelers vs 49ers Recap

49ers 20 Steelers 3

What a waste, Steelers had their chance to yet again take control of the AFC North and the #1 seed in the AFC Playoff. All they had to do was win, sounds simple right? Not for the Steelers last night.

The Offense and Defense played like doodoo. That is all.


ESPN Monday Night Crew needs to fire Gruden and just keep Trico/Jaworsk. Gruden talks way to much about nothing at all.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs 49ers

The Steelers take on small hands on Monday night. Seriously Alex Smith has tiny hands.

Steelers 24

49ers 13

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Browns Round 1

It's a 2 for 1 this week! Flying Woodley takes out the Madden coverboy and McCoy in one leap!!

Steelers 45

Browns 6

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Crushed. Steelers vs Bengals Round 2 Recap

Steelers 35 Bengals 7

I think I was expecting more of a fight out of the Bengals, especially since they did just a few weeks ago. But thankfully they did not, that second quarter was great. 28 points by the Steelers and they never looked back. Although it's at that point when I miss that power running game where they would just grind clock and never let the other team have a chance. Then I realize the Steelers won zero Super Bowls (in my time) with that game plan.

I had to watch this game from some on the internet, some british feed. Annoying, at just about every commercial break they would discuss plays like at half-time. Lame. So I didn't get to enjoy the game in HD, but in really crappy internet feed. So honestly it was kind of hard to get a good read on the game. The defense played well. The offense played well. Special Teams were awesome. Plus a HUGE bonus, two weeks of Ike Taylor Interceptions. He must be practicing on catching footballs.


Aside from the lame British show, we had Jim Nance and Phil Simms. Ugh, at one point Phil Simms was going on and on about the Bengals and the Playoffs for some reason. So damn annoying, just call the game Phil! Seriously, how does this guy get to be on the number 1 announcing team. He sucks. He sucks real bad.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Bengals Round 2

Had you told me at the beginning of the season that this match-up between the Steelers and Bengals would have been an important game with playoff intentions. I would have just laughed at you and I would have been wrong.

Steelers 34

Bengals 24

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ugly: Steelers vs Chiefs Recap

Steelers 13 Chiefs 9

What an ugly game, but the Steelers won and I'll take it. The offense just couldn't seem to get on the right track at all and I'm blaming Ben. He's a big boy and needs to recognize what the defense is bringing and needs to audible the play to counter it. Plus, the Steelers didn't go into their no-huddle mode at all, this just let the Chiefs defense cover the wideouts and continue to stop the Steelers drive after drive. I expect this from a budding young team, but Ben is a top NFL QB, he's getting the blame for the stalled offense this week.

The Defense got the job done, getting those interceptions from the poorly thrown balls was great to see since the Steelers haven't done much in the take away category this season. Losing Troy to a concussion really sucked. I swear the pressure wasn't there again this week. Just wondering if LeBeau is playing his defensive calls close to his chest saving formations for the playoffs?? Don't know, just want to see some more sacks/QB Pressure on the younger quarterbacks they face.


Sunday Night Football on NBC. That's Al Michaels and Douchy-McDouche Chris Collinsdouche. Hate Collinsdouche, hate the announcing from all networks. Focus on the game, the chitter-chatter about stories that have nothing to do with the game are just extremely annoying.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Chiefs

I have no idea if this is the starting Quarterback for the Chiefs or not this week, since they signed neckbeard this week. Whatever, Flying Woodley doesn't care who the QB is, he'll still wreck shop, even on the sidelines.

Steelers 37

Chiefs 6

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bye Week. Booo!

The Steelers have a bye this week, as if you didn't know already. Hating on bye weeks, now I have to watch other teams on Sunday.

Watch the skies though, I hear Woodley is out there flying around taking off the heads of random people. And by random people I mean Ravens fans.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming up Big: Steelers vs Bengals Round 1 Recap

Steelers 24 Bengals 17

Well, well, look at that. Got the opponent score right again. I'm halfway there to getting it right. This game really looked like a blowout in the first quarter, Steelers leading 14-0. Then late in the first quarter, boom the Bengals drive get a TD and make me sit on the edge of my seat the rest of the game.

The Steelers offense/defense was once again really hot then really cold. I swear there was zero pressure on the ginger quarterback. The defense rarely pressured him, you can't let any QB just sit in the pocket and have time. Gotta get more pressure on the Quarterbacks you face Steelers Defense. DO IT!!!

Willie Gay was playing with a chip on his shoulder this week. He needs to play like that every week. The pick at the end of the game was awesome. Pretty much sealing the game for the Steelers.

Loving Antonio Brown more and more each week, that guy made some great catches, he's only going to get better. And at some point, Wallace and Brown are going to break one of those short passes for a TD, those guys are just too fast not to. Running game was decent, didn't seem like they got a 100 yards on the ground, but they did. I say that, because although it makes me sick to my stomach, the bengals defense played pretty well today, so did their offense. In no way am I going to say that Dalton is a good QB (I just don't do that for rookie QBs), but he played a good game. We'll see how well he's doing in 3 seasons before I crown him a decent QB. But really the Bengals needed to get rid of those me-first players. They're a better team without them.


Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts, my favorite announcing team. I really could have these guys call every Steelers game, they just don't annoy me at all.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Bengals Round 1

The Bengals went and got themselves a ginger Quarterback. Flying Woodley does not care for ginger Quarterbacks.

Steelers 41

Bengals 17

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Gut Check: Steelers vs Ravens Round 2 Recap

Ravens 23 Steelers 20


Swept by the Ravens this season. Awesome. Not really, I hate when the Steelers lose to the Ravens, especially when they just give the game away like they did last night. Take the lead, stop the Ravens, get the ball back and can't get a first down. Fine, pin the Ravens back deep, with just a little over 2 minutes, defense can't stop them and let them march down the field and score a touchdown to win the game.

Other than that I thought the Steelers played a solid game on offense and defense. The offensive line played really well, keeping Ben upright at least. That was a positive. The defense did alright, not nearly enough pressure on Flacco. That pressure is needed against any Quarterback in the NFL, no pressure on them and they'll look like the greatest QB in the world, even if they're not.

Enjoy it Ravens Fans, it doesn't happen often.

The Refs

This does not happen often. I do not like to complain about officiating. They do not determine the outcome of a game, the players and the execution of the plays do. However, I do have a problem with one of the plays last night that did not receive a flag, the hit Ray Lewis put on Hines Ward. Lewis leads with his helmet and makes contact. No flag, but Ryan Clark gets a flag for doing the same thing, and he should have, not saying that was wrong of the refs just saying you need to call it across the board not just when it suits the refs.

I know the NFL is concerned about concussions with the helmet to helmet hits, but the sometimes happens because of the angles players take. I feel as if both of those plays were results of that. Again, if you're going to call it on one and not the other that just doesn't sit right with me.


Sunday Night Football on NBC, Al Michaels and Chris Douchenworth. Double Puke.

Bonus Photoshop this week

Elisha Manning and the New York Giants drove down the field near the end of the game to take the lead and beat the New England Patriots. And what did Elisha Manning get for this, well take a look.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Ravens Round 2

Steelers take on the Ravens Sunday night in Pittsburgh! I bet Ray Lewis is pissed. I hope he wears his new uniform.

Steelers 31

Ravens 20

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trade Ben: Steelers vs Patriots Recap

Steelers 25 Patriots 17

The Steelers kept this game close, despite dominating the Patriots the entire game. They had a few drives just stall out in the redzone. You can't do that against good teams they'll burn you. Which the Patriots almost did, but their defense blows. I mean really just isn't good, it's kind like the opposite of what the Ravens have been for so many years. Can you see my tears?

Ben was on point. No Ward, the Patriots doing their best to take away Wallace, no problem. Manny Sanders, Antonio Brown, and Heath Miller will all catch the ball and rip you apart. Go ahead try to cover all of them NFL!

The defense played a great game and when it mattered the most, they made the stop, got the take away, and the points. Heads up play by Troy on that fumble. Yeah, he totally batted that ball, but made it look like he didn't. Loved that all the backups have really been stepping up and showing what they got. Steelers can draft linebackers. Oh yeah, and just seconds before that Patriots turnover.

That's right, I called it. FIRST!!!


The #1 team! Jim Nance and Phil Simms. What a duo! The best CBS has to offer. I mean, Phil Simms is so insightful, and makes the most intelligent comments about the game. Barf. Hate these guys. Not Jim Nance so much, but mostly all Phil Simms. Nance needs to bitch slap Simms around.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Patriots

Patriots can keep Brady, I'll take Ben. Brady is a pretty boy anyhow, I'll let my field goal kicker win my super bowls. Wussy.

Steelers 33

Patriots 31

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the yellow flags fly: Steelers vs Cardinals recap

Steelers 32 Cardinals 20

Defensive backs on both sides were getting all sorts of calls on them for this game. Kind of annoying, but whatever at least the refs were calling them on both sides.

Steelers couldn't run for shit this game, but guess what who cares. They have Ben, Heath, Hines, AB, Manny, and Mike Fucking Wallace. That's right, crowd the damn box, the Steelers are going to burn you with all those weapons. That 95 yard Ben to Wallace touchdown was awesome. More of that please, the next few seasons will be great, especially once the young guys get that much needed experience.

The defense, sans-Woodley, was kind of lackluster. Was not impressed, better bring it next week. Woodley was a beast yet again, that guy is killing it right now.


CBS number 2, Bryant Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf. Yuck.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Cardinals


No, it's not. So please don't talk about it shitty Fox Announcers.

Steelers 45

Cardinals 16

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Half-assed: Steelers vs Jaguar recap

Steelers 17 Jaguars 13

Well for the second time this year, I had the Steelers opponent score dead on. I mean, I'm just that awesome, but you already knew this.

A total tale of two halves. The first half the Steelers just dominated, the Jaguars could do nothing on offense or defense. Then the second half happened. The Steelers offense seemingly disappeared into thin air. Incomplete passes, running game going nowhere, the offensive lined turned back into the pumpkin for sure doing that half.

Gotta give Rashard Mendenhall some credit, after sitting on the sidelines last week and see his backups rip apart the Titans. Mendy came out and ran extremely well before the offense decided to stay in the locker room.

The defense was good all day, they did their job. Held the Jaguars in check, got pressure on the Quarterback, was about to say limited the rushing game but MJD ran for 96 yards though. I guess they still did, writing this the day after probably is not the best thing to do. It was 96 yards, but they weren't spectacular, so the defense did their job, plain and simple.


Oh man, I've been waiting for this team all season. Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. These guys should be the number 1 team. The only negative I have for these guys, Fouts kind of shout talks, but I'll deal. The best part about these guys, they seemingly never hum on the nuts of whichever team is playing well. They just call the game. Please CBS, Fouts/Eagle for the Steelers the rest of the year or at least make them the number 1 team. COME ON!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Jaguars

I have no idea who that Quarterback is, and that sucks because there are like zero images out there.

Steelers 34

Jaguars 13

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Take that!: Steelers vs Titans recap

The ass-kicking Steelers showed up yesterday.

Steelers 38 Titans 17

The defense dominated and the offense produced. I don't think there is anything more I could ask from the Steelers. Despite the injuries on both sides of the ball, the Steelers still dominated. I was impressed with the backups on defense, it makes me not as worried once the veterans retire or are cut (whichever comes first). Chris Johnson had one good run, then I think he went into the locker room, because I didn't see him the rest of the game.

Was happy to see the younger running backs trying to make a name for themselves by running the ball quite well. Was really hoping Dwyer was going to make that 76 yard run a touchdown, but he still had an impressive game. I thought Redman did a great job, there were a few times he broke tackles or was dragging the defensive players with him. Ben was awesome too, except for the fake spike thing get on the same page guys! Luckily that was before the half and the Titans didn't capitalize on that turnover.


CBS number 2, Bryant Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf. Gumbel is fine with me, he doesn't really bug me. He's got a good voice, and doesn't seem to favor one team or the other. Dan Dierdorf on the other hand sucks.

I said this last week and it still holds true this week. Dierdorf blows. He was all over Hasselback's dick. Hasselback is 36 years old Dan, he's not going to do shit with that franchise, he's just there to fill the void until they think the guy they drafted this year is ready.

I really hope that they're not announcing next weeks game, and I know I could find out if I looked it up, but I'd rather be surprised. And then really pissed off.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Titans

Not sure which group of Steelers are going to show up, the shitastic ones, or the ones that kick everyone's ass. I hoping for the latter.

Steelers 26

Titans 10

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blocked: Steelers vs Texans Recap

Texans 17 Steelers 10

Balls. I mean really Pittsburgh, you could beat down the Texans? The best team from the horrible AFC South. Yeah, Foster ran all over the Steelers but when a team has that many holding penalties in a game it makes you wonder about the ones that aren't being called. But whatever that doesn't control the outcome of the game, the Steelers had their chances to take over this game and failed big time.

Yeah the o-line sucks, but I don't think the play calling is doing anything to alleviate the pressure from the defense. Seems like the routes the wide receivers run are taking too long to develop and Ben is spending too much time in that "pocket". Three step drop, throw. Hey, it's worth a shot, Mike Wallace is fast, but I rarely see him getting passes thrown to him deep, like one a game doesn't cut it. At this point I could care less if Ben has 50 interceptions this season, start launching the ball down the field towards Wallace. Until they can fix this offensive line, it's better than Ben standing there getting hammered every down.

Not sure what the deal with the defense is, it's weird, they play great a few series, then when it really matters they fall apart. That first drive was what it was, not like the Texans did that the whole game, one drive from them didn't impress me. I expect that to happen to the defense now and again. But hardly any at all is really a concern, something else they need to fix along with the offensive line.

Hum on the Texans nuts, they didn't impress, I really hope this is a wake up call to the Steelers players/coaches/front office. You're wasting talented players at this point because certain positions are below par.

As for the prediction, I got the Texans score right, not once but also three years ago as well. The Texans can only score 17 points on the Steelers.


CBS number 2, Bryant Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf. Gumbel is fine with me, he doesn't really bug me. He's got a good voice, and doesn't seem to favor one team or the other. Dan Dierdorf on the other hand sucks. His voice is a big owie to me.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Texans

Texans are now the team to beat or something from the AFC South, since all the other teams suck because their front offices blow. Whatever. Expansion team.

Steelers 31

Texans 17

Monday, September 26, 2011

Too close for comfort: Steelers vs Colts recap

Steelers 23 Colts 20

The score should have been closer to my prediction. Old man Collins just isn't suited for that offense, I think the Colts may be better off with that 3rd stringer, Paint by numbers or something. Their defensive line wreaked havoc on the Steelers running game and offensive line. I swear the Steelers went through like 20 o-linemen.

I was all excited in the first quarter, looked like a blow-out was coming, then I was just dumbfounded by the rest of the game. I was just happy to have the Steelers come out with the win. I really have no idea what to say about their offense. I'm really sick of the Steelers trying to run the ball without a fullback. The tight end they use as a "fullback" just doesn't cut it. At this point the Steelers need that in their running game. That extra blocker would help, and you all know it!

The passing game well, it's fine, in a way. The 81 yard bomb to Wallace was great, but there needs to be more. The Steelers have a few fast receivers, time to start sending them down the field more than just once a game. Stop with the ridiculous route running from some of these guys. Really.

Bring on Houston.


Sunday Night Game that means NBC. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. When Collinsworth first started in broadcasting, he never said a kind word about the Steelers. That has somewhat changed, but he's still a pompous ass and I'd rather not listen to him at all. Al Michaels is a decent broadcaster, he's never really bothered me. Although, they kept panning to Pey-Pey up in the booth. Who cares about him, he's not playing, so stop showing him!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Colts

Sunday night game this week, the flying wood doesn't care who is Quarterbacking the Colts.

Steelers 33

Colts 12

Monday, September 19, 2011

All Smacked Up: Steelers vs Seahawks recap

I didn't feel like finding a picture of the game. You'd think that would be an easy task but I find it to be a pain in the ass.

Steelers 24 - Seahawks 0


I mean really, did the Seahawks really have a chance in this game? Not really. The Steelers were winning this game plain and simple.

I wasn't too impressed with the offense today, I still thought they weren't really playing up to their ability. The score should have been doubled, Ben missed some passes here and there. And the running game. Really. I mean really, they had some nice runs, BUT there are certain parts of the field when you are planning on running, you do not, DO NOT go singleback. That is killing me about the Steelers running game. The fullback, a true fullback, not a lineman, is just needed to knock that initial defender down. Really miss that element.

The defense showed up keeping the Seahawks in check without showing their hand on blitz packages. Special teams did their part as, but Suisham missing a 40 yarder in his home stadium unacceptable.

Manning-less Colts next week.


This week the game was on Fox, and we had Kenny, Moose, and Goose. I am thankful the Steelers only have 2 games on Fox a year. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Moose was talking up the Seattle the whole game even though they were getting their ass handed to them, all while talking shit on Steelers. Goose, not even sure why he's there. Kind of annoying to hear another ex-pro chime in now and again. Kenny, not even sure he did much talking. Eat it Fox announcing.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Seahawks

Last week was bad, but that was last week. Take out your frustration Steelers.

Steelers 38

Seahawks 3

Monday, September 12, 2011

God Awful: Steelers vs Ravens Round 1 Recap

Man, what a crappy game, I don't even want to do a recap of this at all.

But, I'll give it a go.

Ravens 35 Steelers 7

Man, I wasn't even close to that score, see here. Horrible game if you were a Steelers fan, hell even the players. I haven't seen the team beaten that bad in a while. 7 turnovers, I mean really 7 turnovers, the hell?? First Quarter was bad, but really thought the Steelers were going to overcome all that after their touchdown. I was wrong, the constant fumbles/interceptions were horrible and just let the Ravens attack on defense like it was nobody's business.

At least this was week 1 of the season, being a fan of the NFL for well over 20 years, I know there really isn't a reason to get to excited for your team in the first few weeks. I know you don't want your team to ever lose to division rivals, but week 1 is a good week for for that loss to happen. I always find it funny when the media jumps to conclusions after week 1 of the NFL, it's always a crapshoot. Some teams are coming off a great training camp and look great for a few weeks, then turn out just how you thought they would, shitty.

Does this loss matter, yes, it's a divisional game, but I'm not calling the Ravens champs just yet. Besides Joe Flacco has a unibrow, I have proof.


New feature to the recap this year, if I have to watch the game I'm critiquing the announcers. The game was on CBS, so they gave us their number 1 team which is Jim Nance and Phil Simms. Ugh. How are these guys the number 1 team? Well it's not really Jim Nances' fault, he's decent. It's really Phil Simms. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I mean just call the game in a neutral fashion will you. The guy was all over how "great" Flacco was, reminding me a few times that he's won 4 road playoff games in his career. Really, that's great because he's never sniffed a Super Bowl. Plus, need I remind you Phil that Ben won 3 consecutive road games on his way to a Super Bowl win in only his second season, so winning 4 round playoffs games in a career isn't all that great.

Ready for next week.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Ravens Round 1

The Flying Wood is back, I heard Flacco likes wood flying towards his face.

Steelers 27

Ravens 20

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yay! The Preseason is over

I don't hate the NFL Preseason, I just hate fans who think that the preseason is worth a shit.

And that's the NFLs fault for making it seem like those games are important. I have always said that those games are not for me. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch those games, but I'm not caring whether or not the offense and defense plays well or not. I'm not pumped up for those games.

The preseason is for the coaches/front office to evaluate the talent they have brought in through the draft, free agency, and vets they feel are not up to par.

But the preseason is all behind us now, the regular season starts this Thursday, with the shitty Green Bay Fudge Packers. Yeah. I'm still bitter. Eat it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Money

It seems like I'm always seeing stories about athletes just giving their money away when trying to invest it. David Akers seems to be the latest athlete to do such a thing. Giving away $3.7 million. Good one.

I mean, just give me the money. I offer nothing in return, I'm going to spend it, and at least you'll know where your money is going. Chances are once you're broke 10 years after your career has ended, I may be willing to offer you some sort of loan to get you back on your feet. That's better than just dumping all your money into a shady investment that promises big riches, but really a guy just takes your money and runs.

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Back Baby!

That's right my Steelers t-shirts are back. I have not worn (except my hat, which is a workout hat since it's all nasty not really a white hat, but an off-white sweat ring hat now) any Steelers gear since the Super Bowl. I refused to wear it, I did not care about their silly little lockout. It's like it wasn't even happening. Now that everything has worked out for all the parties involved, I am once again wearing my shirts. Which reminds me, I need a new gray Steelers T. I really don't care for the one I have on today, it's ok. Doesn't help the Steelers lost like every time I wore it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exclusive Hines Ward DUI Photo!!

Apparently this photo was just released from the night Hines Ward got busted for a DUI.

Wow. So Hines was driving KIT around town, you'd like to think that KIT could keep Hines out of trouble. Since Hines was in his Steelers uniform, not holding onto a steering wheel, all while getting ready to drink a das boot full of beer. Damn Evil Steely McGnome, damn you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hines Ward: Champion

Again, late to the party. Damn NFL Lockout really just has me bummed about anything NFL/Steelers related. I just don't care about it.

Still, Hines Ward was on the show Dancing with the Stars (see my extremely exciting blog post about it). I did not watch it at all, sorry could not bring myself to watch that show. Even if one of my favorite Steelers player was on it. Just lame.

Apparently by the picture shown above, Hines won. Hines is just so damn awesome he can accomplish anything. Unlike Chad "don't call me Ochocinco anymore" Johnson, who is just a loser at anything. I know the above picture has some half-naked dancer chick in the picture, it's just not as cool as the one below.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The NFL had a 1st Round Draft Last Night, who knew?

I really wanted to kind of move forward a little more with this blog this year, but that damn NFL lockout has really put a damper on that. I mean I really just do not care about the NFL at this point because of all of that B.S. I love the break from football, it's needed, but I also like the off-season items as well. Just not this year.

Last night was the first round of the NFL draft, I did not watch it. I had it up on my computer waiting to see who the Steelers were going to pick. With the 31st overall pick, I never got that chance, since when I went to bed at 10:30, the draft was only halfway through the first round. Way to milk the advertisement teet and get more money in your greedy ass hands. The first round shouldn't take that damn long. Every team knows who they want even if their top choices are no longer available.

Waking up this morning I saw that the Steelers took a Defensive Tackle named, Cameron Heyward. Which I later found out was Craig "Ironhead" Heyward's son. See I do not really follow college football, so this was news to me. I like the pick, the Steelers defensive line is aging and new guys are needed. Ziggy Hood played great last year and if Heyward can come in and play well, I won't feel so bad about losing guys like Smith, Keisel, or Hampton. (that's if they play this year, bastards). There are my thoughts on this, not much since the NFL draft really does not mean a whole lot to me, considering I have no clue about college players other than most are hyped up to be the next great player then suck a nut in the NFL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hines Ward is a dancer now or something

I know, this has been news for a while now, but I'm only now getting around to it. Hines Ward is on dancing with the stars, maybe I'll watch it now.


No I will not.

Think the premiere was this past week, I have no idea how well he did. Since you know I did not watch the show because I really have no interest whatsoever in watching dancing.

I kind of hope Hines wins the competition just to shove it in Chad Oinchostinko's face.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes I don't get NFL players

Pey-Pey is due for a contract extension this year. The guy is 34, going to be 35 this upcoming season, if the NFL has a season. Apparently Pey-Pey is going to be the highest player in the NFL season according to this article.

This blows my mind. I'm not going to argue that he isn't one of the best QBs in the league, because he his and has been. Especially in the regular season, the post-season not so much. I know, he's got 1 ring (on the legs of his running back but yet he wins the MVP award). I mean, he doesn't have much left in the tank, at this point I see another Brett Favre situation brewing in a few seasons.

You would like to think that Pey-Pey would say that. 'Hey, I rake in a decent amount of money in endorsements. Why don't I only take a few million a year and you guys go out and buy me a defense to put together a solid run for the final few years of my career.'

Nope. He's going to take the 20+ million a year or whatever and just see his final few seasons end in the first game of the playoffs. Way to be Pey-Pey.

Monday, February 28, 2011

So Brett Keisel shaved his beard

I fear the man in the picture below.

However the one in this picture doesn't scare me, even though it's the same man.

I hope the beard returns next season.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A day late and a dollar short - Super Bowl 45 recap

Who put that cheese wedge there???

I know, we are nearing two weeks since Super Bowl 45 and I am only now getting to my recap. I do my best to recap the Steelers game, something new I started this season. Yet, it is really hard to do when your team loses, even worse when your team gives away a Super Bowl. That's right the Steelers handed that win the Packers and you can say whatever you want you'll never change my mind on that thought. No turnovers by either team and the Steelers win that game.

The Packers played a safe game and that is all they needed to do since the Steelers fumbled and bumbled their way to losing. It really is a tough loss to swallow especially since no one expected the Steelers to be there, with Ben being out the first 4 games and a rotating offensive line. But they made it and were only down 6 points with 2 minutes left to play. I was really hoping for another last second drive, but it just wasn't meant to be.

One thing I didn't get, is that the Steelers Defense just didn't seem to adjust to the Packers offense. Just like every loss this past season for the Steelers, the defense just seemed to be normal defense and the second ranked feared defense that everyone claimed they were. They just didn't stop the Packers after those turnovers which just wanted to make me smash a lot of crap.

I have to say, I don't ever want to hear a fan of another team complain about injuries ruining their season. Both of these Super Bowl teams had a lot of injuries throughout the year, but yet made it to the big game. Although if they go to 18 games, then complain away, since that is just going to suck.

I could go on ranting, but I'm done. The pain is coming back.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Packers Super Bowl Edition

Oh man. Steelers vs Packers this Sunday for the Super Bowl. I'm so ready for this, I wish it were 6:30 Sunday right now. But then I would have wrote this post a few days ago. Interesting.

On paper this looks like a close match-up, but the game isn't played on paper. It's played on a field with actual people. With that in mind.

Steelers 33

Packers 17

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dallas Bound: Steelers vs Jets Recap

Didn't get around to a recap last week for the Steelers vs Ravens game. This game was kind of similar, except the Steelers didn't blow the lead in the second half like the Ravens did.

First half was great, was extremely relaxed and not all that nervous, but the second half was a different story. It's like the Steelers offense just stayed in the locker room for most of the second half. Not cool Steelers, took another year off my life playing like that in the second half. I'm sure Pouncey going out of the game didn't help that with the Jets D, but really stop killing me.

That goal line stand by the Steelers D keeping LaDainian Tomlinson out of the endzone and in the end the Super Bowl was great. Defining moment in my mind. Maybe one day you can be an announcer at the Super Bowl Tomlinson.

It was kind of fun to see Rex Ryan slam his head set when the Steelers got that last first down. PSAMP has an animated gif of it, go here to check it out.

Packers are up next, very similar team in my opinion, can't wait for the Pro Bowl....almost typed that without laughing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Ravens Take 3 Playoff Edition

Here we go, welcome to playoff Steely McGnome Predicts. Same as the regular season Steely McGnome Predicts except now with sprinkles.

I kid, I kid.

The Ravens come up to Pittsburgh for round 3 this season in the start of the divisional this Saturday at 4:30. Over the past few years most of these contests have been some of the best games you'll ever watch. I love them, but at the same time they take about a year off my life. That last minute crap is just a killer for the fans of either team, but great for football.

I don't think it'll be that way this Saturday.

Steelers 24

Ravens 10

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blowout - Steelers vs Browns Recap Take 2

The Browns should have just stayed in the locker room at halftime because the game was over. Worst part about the game was the 4th quarter when the Browns kept trying and couldn't do a thing, even against the Steelers defensive backups. Nothing worse than keeping a game going when you have no chance to win.

Not much to say that hasn't already been said by people who are actually good at recapping. But the only thing that has me concerned going into the playoffs is Special Teams. That's the one part of the Steelers that just doesn't seem to have it right. I know they adjusted for this past week by putting the ball on the ground on kickoffs and trying to keep it out of Cribbs hands. That guy can ruin your day given the opportunity. That's it though. I'm not concerned about the running game, the past two weeks the panthers and browns seemed to be ready for the run. Which was a big mistake on their part, not like Ben is a 2-time Super Bowl winner or anything. Take a note playoff teams, stop the run. Ben won't hurt you.

I wish it were January 15th this weekend. I'm ready.