Monday, November 28, 2011

Ugly: Steelers vs Chiefs Recap

Steelers 13 Chiefs 9

What an ugly game, but the Steelers won and I'll take it. The offense just couldn't seem to get on the right track at all and I'm blaming Ben. He's a big boy and needs to recognize what the defense is bringing and needs to audible the play to counter it. Plus, the Steelers didn't go into their no-huddle mode at all, this just let the Chiefs defense cover the wideouts and continue to stop the Steelers drive after drive. I expect this from a budding young team, but Ben is a top NFL QB, he's getting the blame for the stalled offense this week.

The Defense got the job done, getting those interceptions from the poorly thrown balls was great to see since the Steelers haven't done much in the take away category this season. Losing Troy to a concussion really sucked. I swear the pressure wasn't there again this week. Just wondering if LeBeau is playing his defensive calls close to his chest saving formations for the playoffs?? Don't know, just want to see some more sacks/QB Pressure on the younger quarterbacks they face.


Sunday Night Football on NBC. That's Al Michaels and Douchy-McDouche Chris Collinsdouche. Hate Collinsdouche, hate the announcing from all networks. Focus on the game, the chitter-chatter about stories that have nothing to do with the game are just extremely annoying.

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