Friday, September 30, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Texans

Texans are now the team to beat or something from the AFC South, since all the other teams suck because their front offices blow. Whatever. Expansion team.

Steelers 31

Texans 17

Monday, September 26, 2011

Too close for comfort: Steelers vs Colts recap

Steelers 23 Colts 20

The score should have been closer to my prediction. Old man Collins just isn't suited for that offense, I think the Colts may be better off with that 3rd stringer, Paint by numbers or something. Their defensive line wreaked havoc on the Steelers running game and offensive line. I swear the Steelers went through like 20 o-linemen.

I was all excited in the first quarter, looked like a blow-out was coming, then I was just dumbfounded by the rest of the game. I was just happy to have the Steelers come out with the win. I really have no idea what to say about their offense. I'm really sick of the Steelers trying to run the ball without a fullback. The tight end they use as a "fullback" just doesn't cut it. At this point the Steelers need that in their running game. That extra blocker would help, and you all know it!

The passing game well, it's fine, in a way. The 81 yard bomb to Wallace was great, but there needs to be more. The Steelers have a few fast receivers, time to start sending them down the field more than just once a game. Stop with the ridiculous route running from some of these guys. Really.

Bring on Houston.


Sunday Night Game that means NBC. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. When Collinsworth first started in broadcasting, he never said a kind word about the Steelers. That has somewhat changed, but he's still a pompous ass and I'd rather not listen to him at all. Al Michaels is a decent broadcaster, he's never really bothered me. Although, they kept panning to Pey-Pey up in the booth. Who cares about him, he's not playing, so stop showing him!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Colts

Sunday night game this week, the flying wood doesn't care who is Quarterbacking the Colts.

Steelers 33

Colts 12

Monday, September 19, 2011

All Smacked Up: Steelers vs Seahawks recap

I didn't feel like finding a picture of the game. You'd think that would be an easy task but I find it to be a pain in the ass.

Steelers 24 - Seahawks 0


I mean really, did the Seahawks really have a chance in this game? Not really. The Steelers were winning this game plain and simple.

I wasn't too impressed with the offense today, I still thought they weren't really playing up to their ability. The score should have been doubled, Ben missed some passes here and there. And the running game. Really. I mean really, they had some nice runs, BUT there are certain parts of the field when you are planning on running, you do not, DO NOT go singleback. That is killing me about the Steelers running game. The fullback, a true fullback, not a lineman, is just needed to knock that initial defender down. Really miss that element.

The defense showed up keeping the Seahawks in check without showing their hand on blitz packages. Special teams did their part as, but Suisham missing a 40 yarder in his home stadium unacceptable.

Manning-less Colts next week.


This week the game was on Fox, and we had Kenny, Moose, and Goose. I am thankful the Steelers only have 2 games on Fox a year. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Moose was talking up the Seattle the whole game even though they were getting their ass handed to them, all while talking shit on Steelers. Goose, not even sure why he's there. Kind of annoying to hear another ex-pro chime in now and again. Kenny, not even sure he did much talking. Eat it Fox announcing.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Seahawks

Last week was bad, but that was last week. Take out your frustration Steelers.

Steelers 38

Seahawks 3

Monday, September 12, 2011

God Awful: Steelers vs Ravens Round 1 Recap

Man, what a crappy game, I don't even want to do a recap of this at all.

But, I'll give it a go.

Ravens 35 Steelers 7

Man, I wasn't even close to that score, see here. Horrible game if you were a Steelers fan, hell even the players. I haven't seen the team beaten that bad in a while. 7 turnovers, I mean really 7 turnovers, the hell?? First Quarter was bad, but really thought the Steelers were going to overcome all that after their touchdown. I was wrong, the constant fumbles/interceptions were horrible and just let the Ravens attack on defense like it was nobody's business.

At least this was week 1 of the season, being a fan of the NFL for well over 20 years, I know there really isn't a reason to get to excited for your team in the first few weeks. I know you don't want your team to ever lose to division rivals, but week 1 is a good week for for that loss to happen. I always find it funny when the media jumps to conclusions after week 1 of the NFL, it's always a crapshoot. Some teams are coming off a great training camp and look great for a few weeks, then turn out just how you thought they would, shitty.

Does this loss matter, yes, it's a divisional game, but I'm not calling the Ravens champs just yet. Besides Joe Flacco has a unibrow, I have proof.


New feature to the recap this year, if I have to watch the game I'm critiquing the announcers. The game was on CBS, so they gave us their number 1 team which is Jim Nance and Phil Simms. Ugh. How are these guys the number 1 team? Well it's not really Jim Nances' fault, he's decent. It's really Phil Simms. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I mean just call the game in a neutral fashion will you. The guy was all over how "great" Flacco was, reminding me a few times that he's won 4 road playoff games in his career. Really, that's great because he's never sniffed a Super Bowl. Plus, need I remind you Phil that Ben won 3 consecutive road games on his way to a Super Bowl win in only his second season, so winning 4 round playoffs games in a career isn't all that great.

Ready for next week.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Ravens Round 1

The Flying Wood is back, I heard Flacco likes wood flying towards his face.

Steelers 27

Ravens 20

Monday, September 5, 2011

Yay! The Preseason is over

I don't hate the NFL Preseason, I just hate fans who think that the preseason is worth a shit.

And that's the NFLs fault for making it seem like those games are important. I have always said that those games are not for me. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch those games, but I'm not caring whether or not the offense and defense plays well or not. I'm not pumped up for those games.

The preseason is for the coaches/front office to evaluate the talent they have brought in through the draft, free agency, and vets they feel are not up to par.

But the preseason is all behind us now, the regular season starts this Thursday, with the shitty Green Bay Fudge Packers. Yeah. I'm still bitter. Eat it.