Monday, October 29, 2012

Take that! Steelers vs Redskins Recap

The took on the rookie RG3 led Redskins. Poor kid. 

Steelers 27

Redskins 12

I have to say, the game was pretty much all Steelers. I never really thought the Redskins had a chance. Maybe if the Skins had some better wide receivers they could have kept up. Even though I heard it endlessly throughout the game, Griffin can put the ball only where his guy can get it. AND if they Redskins can build a team around him, they might be dangerous some day. Build a defense. 

I thought both the offense and defense played well today. Not playing down to their opponent which the Steelers like to do. Nothing to complain about this week with the Steelers. Dwyer is going to be a beast though, and with the speedster Rainey. That looks to be a great 1-2 punch in the years to come.

Oh, and I was close again!! I rule. Getting back on my game.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Redskins

Too bad this Griffin kid got drafted by the Redskins, it'll be a waste of talent. 

Steelers 29

Redskins 17

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Monday, October 22, 2012

That's how you do it. Steelers vs Bengals Round 1 Recap

I have to say, once the game started I wasn't expecting the outcome of this game to go the way of the Steelers. I was wrong and I have no problem with that.

Steelers 24

Bengals 17

I was somewhat close!!! I RULE!!!

Dwyer is a beast, plain and simple. If all the running backs for the Steelers get healthy, he has to be number 2 on the depth chart and possibly taking over the number 1 spot next year. Especially if he gets the reps this season.

As for Mike Wallace. Really man, I mean you want paid, but yet you're dropping balls left and right and not doing half of what Antonio Brown is doing. Get it together and start playing your heart out if you want to be a champion. Or if you just want that money, have fun wasting your career with a non-contender.

I've been on the time for LeBeau to retire train this year, and that's not going to go away. But they starting playing the way they should last night. Really thought the Bengals were just going to do whatever they wanted after that first drive, which was just painful to watch.

Oh, and stop holding on the punt/kick returns. It's annoying and putting your offense in bad spots. Thanks.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Steely McGnome Predicts - Steelers vs Bengals Round 1

Steelers take on the ginger QB led Bungles on yet another prime time game. The NFL is killing my sleepy time this season.

Steelers 27

Bengals 15

Jergnome say:

If the Steelers can keep their souls from being sucked out by the Ginger QB, they'll be sure to win. 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Injured - Steelers vs Titans Recap

That one hurt, and just not for the loss. 

Steelers 23

Titans 26

Recaps are mainly my rant about the game, trust me you can get a better recap elsewhere. The injuries to the o-line really hurt the offense. After Gilbert went down, you really saw the shift from the Steelers O. They still produced for the most part in the air, but the ground game took two steps back with Mendenhall and Redman. 

As for the Defense. Really. I mean really. You can't hold a lead for shit. And look, this will be a reoccurring theme when talking about the defense. I really wish LeBeau would have retired last year. He's been great, but the past few years, we've seen less and less of that greatness. Time for him to go as far as I'm concerned.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steely McGnome Predicts: Steelers vs Titans

Honestly I was hoping that the Steelers would get to face Jake Locker, instead of old ass Hasselback on Thursday night. I even went out of my way to create a new Hasselback Photoshop only to realize that it was the same image once I was done.

Steelers 31

Titans 6

Jergnome says:

If the wide receivers catch the ball and get yards after the catch the offense will move the ball.

Special teams are key if the Steelers want to win on all three sides of the ball.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Clipped. Steelers vs Eagles Recap

I got one part of my prediction right, and was close with another.

Steelers 16

Eagles 14

Really ugly game by the Steelers, too many penalties, missed opportunities. I'll say this, Lawrence Timmons showed up to the game and put on a stellar defensive performance. The return of Mendenhall was great, had no idea how important he was to the running game.

The Eagles really should have owned that game, but they're coached by Andy Reid and QB'd by Michael Vick. I mean, your goal line game plan is a QB draw? Maybe years ago when Vick was young, but even then when you have McCoy you give the ball to him. Such a waste of talent, Eagles may finally be a decent team if they drop Reid, but I hope they make the playoffs and lose in round 1 so he stays the head coach for a little longer.

Oh, and Mike Wallace. You need to step up your game if you want to get paid. As far as I'm concerned you have done very little to impress me so far this season. Show that you're worth it or nobody in Pittsburgh will miss you and you'll be stuck playing for a non-playoff contender the rest of your short career.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Steely McGnome Predicts - Steelers vs Eagles

The battle for Pennsylvania happens this Sunday at 1pm. Steelers at full force for quite some time, they better all show up no matter what.

Steelers 34

Eagles 13

Jergnome says:

When the Steelers have the ball on offense they need to gain positive yards.

While on defense takeaways and sacks will be key. 

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Has to be my favorite photoshop

I know I posted this in my recap last week, but this just makes me laugh. On top of that, I'm so proud of myself for creating this photoshop. 

Oh, and I hate early bye-weeks. I'm just getting into Steelers football then they're off.

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