Monday, October 8, 2012

Clipped. Steelers vs Eagles Recap

I got one part of my prediction right, and was close with another.

Steelers 16

Eagles 14

Really ugly game by the Steelers, too many penalties, missed opportunities. I'll say this, Lawrence Timmons showed up to the game and put on a stellar defensive performance. The return of Mendenhall was great, had no idea how important he was to the running game.

The Eagles really should have owned that game, but they're coached by Andy Reid and QB'd by Michael Vick. I mean, your goal line game plan is a QB draw? Maybe years ago when Vick was young, but even then when you have McCoy you give the ball to him. Such a waste of talent, Eagles may finally be a decent team if they drop Reid, but I hope they make the playoffs and lose in round 1 so he stays the head coach for a little longer.

Oh, and Mike Wallace. You need to step up your game if you want to get paid. As far as I'm concerned you have done very little to impress me so far this season. Show that you're worth it or nobody in Pittsburgh will miss you and you'll be stuck playing for a non-playoff contender the rest of your short career.

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