Monday, December 26, 2011

That a boy Chuck: Steelers vs Rams Recap

Steelers 27 Rams 0

Charlie Batch got the start, and managed the Steelers to a win over the hapless Rams. Batch impressed me, he escaped some sacks and made some throws that kept drives alive. Bonus, he didn't hurt the Steelers offense. They took a while to get going, but really started to dominate in the second half and put up some much needed points. The Rams on the other hand are just bad, Stephen Jackson, your talent has been wasted. The Steelers defense, really needs to get some more pressure on the Quarterback the entire game. Better have some big plans for the playoffs or you'll be out in one game.


Dick Stockton and John Lynch. Wow. Horrible doesn't even describe Lynch as an announcer. The guy was all over place, making no sense as times. Really Fox, hire some better announcers. I mean if you really need someone, give me a call. I have zero experience, but have been following football for most of my life. I have the same qualifications as these former Pros, except I won't have a word of the day calendar or tell dumb stories that have no meaning for the game being played on the field.

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