Monday, December 5, 2011

Crushed. Steelers vs Bengals Round 2 Recap

Steelers 35 Bengals 7

I think I was expecting more of a fight out of the Bengals, especially since they did just a few weeks ago. But thankfully they did not, that second quarter was great. 28 points by the Steelers and they never looked back. Although it's at that point when I miss that power running game where they would just grind clock and never let the other team have a chance. Then I realize the Steelers won zero Super Bowls (in my time) with that game plan.

I had to watch this game from some on the internet, some british feed. Annoying, at just about every commercial break they would discuss plays like at half-time. Lame. So I didn't get to enjoy the game in HD, but in really crappy internet feed. So honestly it was kind of hard to get a good read on the game. The defense played well. The offense played well. Special Teams were awesome. Plus a HUGE bonus, two weeks of Ike Taylor Interceptions. He must be practicing on catching footballs.


Aside from the lame British show, we had Jim Nance and Phil Simms. Ugh, at one point Phil Simms was going on and on about the Bengals and the Playoffs for some reason. So damn annoying, just call the game Phil! Seriously, how does this guy get to be on the number 1 announcing team. He sucks. He sucks real bad.

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