Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the yellow flags fly: Steelers vs Cardinals recap

Steelers 32 Cardinals 20

Defensive backs on both sides were getting all sorts of calls on them for this game. Kind of annoying, but whatever at least the refs were calling them on both sides.

Steelers couldn't run for shit this game, but guess what who cares. They have Ben, Heath, Hines, AB, Manny, and Mike Fucking Wallace. That's right, crowd the damn box, the Steelers are going to burn you with all those weapons. That 95 yard Ben to Wallace touchdown was awesome. More of that please, the next few seasons will be great, especially once the young guys get that much needed experience.

The defense, sans-Woodley, was kind of lackluster. Was not impressed, better bring it next week. Woodley was a beast yet again, that guy is killing it right now.


CBS number 2, Bryant Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf. Yuck.

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