Monday, October 17, 2011

Half-assed: Steelers vs Jaguar recap

Steelers 17 Jaguars 13

Well for the second time this year, I had the Steelers opponent score dead on. I mean, I'm just that awesome, but you already knew this.

A total tale of two halves. The first half the Steelers just dominated, the Jaguars could do nothing on offense or defense. Then the second half happened. The Steelers offense seemingly disappeared into thin air. Incomplete passes, running game going nowhere, the offensive lined turned back into the pumpkin for sure doing that half.

Gotta give Rashard Mendenhall some credit, after sitting on the sidelines last week and see his backups rip apart the Titans. Mendy came out and ran extremely well before the offense decided to stay in the locker room.

The defense was good all day, they did their job. Held the Jaguars in check, got pressure on the Quarterback, was about to say limited the rushing game but MJD ran for 96 yards though. I guess they still did, writing this the day after probably is not the best thing to do. It was 96 yards, but they weren't spectacular, so the defense did their job, plain and simple.


Oh man, I've been waiting for this team all season. Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. These guys should be the number 1 team. The only negative I have for these guys, Fouts kind of shout talks, but I'll deal. The best part about these guys, they seemingly never hum on the nuts of whichever team is playing well. They just call the game. Please CBS, Fouts/Eagle for the Steelers the rest of the year or at least make them the number 1 team. COME ON!

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