Monday, October 31, 2011

Trade Ben: Steelers vs Patriots Recap

Steelers 25 Patriots 17

The Steelers kept this game close, despite dominating the Patriots the entire game. They had a few drives just stall out in the redzone. You can't do that against good teams they'll burn you. Which the Patriots almost did, but their defense blows. I mean really just isn't good, it's kind like the opposite of what the Ravens have been for so many years. Can you see my tears?

Ben was on point. No Ward, the Patriots doing their best to take away Wallace, no problem. Manny Sanders, Antonio Brown, and Heath Miller will all catch the ball and rip you apart. Go ahead try to cover all of them NFL!

The defense played a great game and when it mattered the most, they made the stop, got the take away, and the points. Heads up play by Troy on that fumble. Yeah, he totally batted that ball, but made it look like he didn't. Loved that all the backups have really been stepping up and showing what they got. Steelers can draft linebackers. Oh yeah, and just seconds before that Patriots turnover.

That's right, I called it. FIRST!!!


The #1 team! Jim Nance and Phil Simms. What a duo! The best CBS has to offer. I mean, Phil Simms is so insightful, and makes the most intelligent comments about the game. Barf. Hate these guys. Not Jim Nance so much, but mostly all Phil Simms. Nance needs to bitch slap Simms around.

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