Monday, October 3, 2011

Blocked: Steelers vs Texans Recap

Texans 17 Steelers 10

Balls. I mean really Pittsburgh, you could beat down the Texans? The best team from the horrible AFC South. Yeah, Foster ran all over the Steelers but when a team has that many holding penalties in a game it makes you wonder about the ones that aren't being called. But whatever that doesn't control the outcome of the game, the Steelers had their chances to take over this game and failed big time.

Yeah the o-line sucks, but I don't think the play calling is doing anything to alleviate the pressure from the defense. Seems like the routes the wide receivers run are taking too long to develop and Ben is spending too much time in that "pocket". Three step drop, throw. Hey, it's worth a shot, Mike Wallace is fast, but I rarely see him getting passes thrown to him deep, like one a game doesn't cut it. At this point I could care less if Ben has 50 interceptions this season, start launching the ball down the field towards Wallace. Until they can fix this offensive line, it's better than Ben standing there getting hammered every down.

Not sure what the deal with the defense is, it's weird, they play great a few series, then when it really matters they fall apart. That first drive was what it was, not like the Texans did that the whole game, one drive from them didn't impress me. I expect that to happen to the defense now and again. But hardly any at all is really a concern, something else they need to fix along with the offensive line.

Hum on the Texans nuts, they didn't impress, I really hope this is a wake up call to the Steelers players/coaches/front office. You're wasting talented players at this point because certain positions are below par.

As for the prediction, I got the Texans score right, not once but also three years ago as well. The Texans can only score 17 points on the Steelers.


CBS number 2, Bryant Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf. Gumbel is fine with me, he doesn't really bug me. He's got a good voice, and doesn't seem to favor one team or the other. Dan Dierdorf on the other hand sucks. His voice is a big owie to me.

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