Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ouchies: Steelers vs Chiefs Recap

Still find it hard to believe that Ben got hurt from that hit. I've seen that man take hits that would have knocked other QBs out for the year. And that it took overtime to beat the Chiefs.

Steelers 16

Chiefs 13

Way off my outlandish prediction for sure. But the way the Steelers had been playing, I thought they would run away with the game. Running is something the Steelers couldn't do at all, in fact even with Ben the offense was pretty stale last night night. No running game and the lack of Antonio Brown didn't help at all. The Steelers offense was just off their game last night and it was hard to watch. 

Despite the fact that the Chiefs seemed to be able to run at will on the defense they just couldn't move the ball when needed. The bend not break mentality of the Steelers D right there. Plus in the fourth quarter the D stepped up when the offense couldn't move the ball and got a take away at the right time. A win is a win in the NFL, and this game could have went the other way the AFC West dominance over the Steelers this season isn't going to happen. 

Good thing I was drinking during the game though, I needed that numbness.

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