Monday, November 19, 2012

Early Christmas Presents: Steelers vs Ravens Round 1

Another week, and another Steelers QB goes down. 

Steelers 10

Ravens 13

I would have had the score dead on, but Mike Wallace and his wannabe #1 Wide Receiver money wanting ass made two crucial mistakes in the game. First fumbling a 3rd down catch that would have been 1st down and set the Ravens up for 3. Then Wallace failed to drag his foot on a back of the end zone pass that would have given the Steelers the lead. Am I being too hard on Mike Wallace? Hell and no. He held out because he thought he deserved #1 Wide Receiver money, and has not shown that he is even a #3 WR this season. He'll have fun playing on a shitty team next season. I am questioning his effort this season. 

The Steelers should have had this game in the bag, they really dropped the ball against the Ravens. Because that was one of the worst Ravens defenses I have ever scene play against the Steelers. Their special teams were on point, but that defense is really off this year. 

Other than that, it was a hard hitting Steelers-Ravens match-up, a kind of game most people find boring, but I love. 

Oh and the off-sides penalty at 2:04 in the 4th quarter was a bunch of crap. The blindside dick flinched. Go back and watch it, you'll see.

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