Monday, November 26, 2012

Bumbling and Fumbling: Steelers vs Browns 2012 Round 1

Yikes. The Browns smelled blood and went all out? Not really, the Steelers the game to the Browns. It was bad, real bad. Just a terrible performance by the offense in my mind, except for the play of Heath Miller, Emmanuel Sanders, and Chris Rainey (even though he "fumbled"). Those guys seemed to be the go to guys making the plays on offense and should have been targeted more. 

Steelers 14

Browns 20

I'm not a fan of Charlie Batch still being on the Pittsburgh Steelers. See here: Charlie Batch is still on the team? I mean the guy is going to be 38, hasn't played that much, or even been the #2 guy the past few years. So the Steelers let Dennis Dixon go, bring Leftwich (The most fragile person ever to play QB), and old balls Batch. Really think letting Dixon go was a mistake, he was young, a playmaker in his own right, and wouldn't break a hip after tripping over his own two feet like fragile man. Or at least draft a QB out of college last season to learn the offense and maybe manage the game and have the arm strength to get the ball down field. 

With Ben being out, this is where questionable decision like that come back to hurt a franchise, sometimes you have to let go of what feels comfortable with the team to make things work down the line. Batch maybe the veteran guy who everyone else likes having around to guide them or whatever. BUT that doesn't translate to wins on the field. He had a great run as Steelers backup, but it's time for him to go. 

The fact that every running back lost fumbles in this game for the Steelers is just terrible. All of those guys need to be carrying a football around this week and not allowed to let it leave their hands, and everyone else in the organization needs to do their best to get the ball from them. 

As for the defense, they played great. Did the best they could given the situations the offense decided to put them in. I really gave it to the defense earlier in the year for not stepping up and playing well. Since then the Steelers D has really stepped it up, being almost lights out. I think it just took the young guys a while to get into a groove. If the offense would put up some points we wouldn't have any issues!

Mike Wallace continues to disappoint. Plaxico Burress showed more effort than you did today. And take a good hard look Mr. Wallace, Burress is your ghost of football future if you don't shape up. Seriously, at one time I would have been sad to see you go, but now I'm not. Your lack of effort is terrible, not really caring what you do for the Steelers the rest of the season at this point. Brown and Sanders > you.

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