Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuck Rule need not apply: Steelers vs Giants Recap

I remember the game when the Tuck Rule came into play. I was confused as all hell, since it was a fumble in its truest sense. For some reason the NFL allowed this. Well, yesterday the NFL confused the hell out of me again, when they ruled a forward pass a fumble, and at the very least neglected the tuck rule. I had no idea the replacement refs were back.

Steelers 24

Giants 20

Steelers dominated the game, but you couldn't tell that by the score. A score in which I was a few points away from being dead on. Yeah. I rule. Another running back goes down, and another steps up and has an awesome day. I had no idea Dwyer was even hurt, shows how much I pay attention at times, but Redman put on a great show at running back for the Steelers yesterday. That guy just runs so well in a straight line. Send him to the outside and he's a poop sandwich. That's right a poop sandwich. If all the running backs for the Steelers get healthy, they'll have 500 yards a game on the ground.

When Antonio Brown went out, I was scared, he's the go to guy. But luckily Cotchery/Sanders really stepped up and Mike Wallace finally had an explosive play. Sorry, I'm busting his balls all season until he can show me he's a #1 Wide Receiver. That "fumble" just killed me, and the fact they upheld the call was ridiculous.

The defense was fierce, not a lot of pressure, but they sure did get the Giants offense off the field on third downs. Lewis had a great game defending too, he really stepped up. Just a great effort by the Steelers defense. James Harrison needs to fall on that fumble though, don't try to be a hero, you already are for recovering a fumble.

And I loved the fake field goal attempt. Why not??? If Heath blocks the initial defender, it's at least a first down. I love that Tomlin goes for it on 4th downs and makes a decision like this. And you should too!

Officials made some really bad calls, seriously they need to be full-time employees of the NFL.   

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