Monday, December 17, 2012

Hog Tied: Steelers vs Cowboys Recap

I know, it's a picture of Flacco being all sad. It makes me smile, even though the Ravens got in the playoffs because the Steelers lost to the Cowgirls. 

Steelers 24

Cowboys 27

Puke vomit barf.

The Steelers got off to a slow start, then slowly clawed their way back and took the lead and they were about to put the nail in the Cowboys coffin. When all of a sudden, Antonio Brown fumbles the ball on what would have been a really good punt return. That was it. After looking back, the Steelers were just done after that play. I know they went to overtime, but it was really pointless. The team just deflated. 

Steelers NEED to win against the Bengals next week if they want a shot at the playoffs. This season has truly been a waste of the talent that is on the Steelers sidelines up to this point. It's a real shame. 

Good luck Steelers, you're gonna need it.

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