Monday, December 31, 2012

Too Little, Too Late: Steelers vs Browns Round 2 Recap

Plaxico Burress caught a touchdown pass in a meaningless game. Way to be Burress, try not to shot yourself in the leg. 

Steelers 24

Browns 10

Well, someone picked the Browns to win...maybe hoping for a higher draft pick, and I was wrong. But really you know you were second guessing the game too! DON'T LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

The Steelers offense never really got going, I know Ben threw 3 TDs, but they never really got into a good rhythm at all. Took them like forever to get a first down, and even then the offense just seemed flat. 

The Defense for the most part kept the 3rd string quarterback for the Browns out of the endzone. The defensive passing interference call was plain bullshit. Did you let that first sentence settle in? THE BROWNS 3RD STRING QB, FROM DUKE! WAS MAKING PLAYS AND MOVING THE BALL AGAINST THE STEELERS #1 DEFENSE. The hell? I have to say the best part was that the announcers kept talking like this kid is going to be a starter in the NFL someday, I mean maybe if he stays with the Browns, but that's it. He's the Browns 3rd stringer, so he's terrible. I guess he put on a decent show for next season, good luck!

So here's to an extremely disappointing 2012 season from the Steelers. Tons of talent on the offense, which seemingly couldn't move the ball, and a defense that took a little too long to gel and lost some games early. Oh and injuries, I believe about an average of 3 per game. I know every team deals with injuries and it's not an excuse, but I'd love for the Steelers offensive line NOT to have a different set of starters each week. Please. I mean for years the Steelers had an awesome offensive line and a shit QB, now it's the other way around. 

Can't wait to see how the off-season plays out, who goes, who stays. It's always a good time.

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