Monday, December 24, 2012

Done and Done: Steelers vs Bengals Round 2 Recap

That's it for the Steelers 2012 season. I know there is one game left against the Browns, but the season is over, no playoffs this year. 

Steelers 10

Bengals 13

The Steelers had signs of greatness, then just looked like crap. Hard to believe with all the weapons on offense the Steelers struggled to put up points. Especially once the defense got their act together and went on damn near lockdown of teams. The offense really just stank up the joint. Not really sure how else to describe the Steelers offense this year other than crap. 

And whatever they need to do this off-season to get back to championship form, they need to get it done. 

Bengals didn't do shit today, but best of luck in the playoffs. You're not making it next year. 

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