Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh snap - Steelers vs Broncos Recap

Not the best way you want to start an NFL season, but it's week 1 I kind of hope my team has a few issues to overcome. Makes them stronger down the road.

Steelers 19

Broncos 31

I'll give credit where credit is due. Peyton looked good last night. I thought he would have been way off coming into week 1, but I was wrong. To be honest, he's got to be on early in the season. Since he's not playing in a dome anymore, let's see how he does in a few months.

As for the Steelers. I don't get why the defensive scheme seemingly doesn't change at all when the opposing offense is picking them apart. The Broncos go into no huddle and just start moving down the field. At some point, oh I don't know when they get to the 50 yard line, you know...maybe call a timeout...give your guys some rest...substitute some different plays...maybe? I love Dick Lebeau, but I'm getting ready for his retirement. Sorry. He's been great, but you know, time to move on. 

There I said it.

As for the offense, gotta score touchdowns not kick field goals. Like you didn't know that already. I like Dwyer, guy is a powerful runner. Get him more carries. Redman needs to stop that spinning, he's not fast enough to pull that off, just run up the field man. Other than that, I feel they played well for week one, really wish the offensive line could just not get hurt multiple times in one game for a change.

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