Monday, September 17, 2012

Biggity Bam! Steelers vs Jets Recap

Ouch, looks like that hurt there Sanchez, not as bad as your stat line though 10 for 27, 138 yards 1 TD.

Jets came out early and showed some spark, but the Steelers D really stepped up and eventually shut the Jets down. And some help with Sanchez being the horrible QB that he has come to show us from last season. Maybe he'll be a good backup for the Jets. 

Issac Redman needs to just run straight, nothing fancy for that guy. When he runs right up the middle the guy is a beast, but when he tries to do the fancy footwork forget it. Ben was on point, being the QB he's suppose to be. 

Trying to do a recap almost 24 hours after a game just doesn't work for me, you get what you get and no funny photoshops!

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