Monday, September 24, 2012

Gah! Steelers vs Raiders Recap

So someone was way off on their prediction. Not sure who that was

Steelers 31

Raiders 34

I didn't get to see the whole game, since CBS and the NFL had to show the overtime games of the Saints-Chiefs and then the Jets-Dolphins before switching over to the Steelers-Raiders game. I missed the entire first quarter. I have the Sunday Ticket and the game was blacked there, since it was to be on the local feed. Kind of pissed me off. Was not too happy about missing any part of the game, considering I'm paying for the games. If it's not on the on local feed, I should be able to watch it on the Sunday Ticket. I was able to in Week 2! Dicks. 

To the game, Steelers defense was shitastic. Zero pressure on Palmer and missing assignments left and right. The two turnovers by the Steelers on offense really hurt. Really wasted a great performance by Ben yesterday. Bye week this week, the defense needs to get it together this week. And oh I don't know, maybe change some things while the game is going on. I said it before, I'll say it again. Maybe it's time for Lebeau to be done. He's had a great run with the Steelers, but more and more I think the defense is becoming a tad stale over the past few years. Just sayin' kids. 

The photoshop is totally worth it, but I can't hate. Janikowski has been a really good kicker for years.

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