Monday, December 13, 2010

Pick 6 - Steelers vs Bengals take 2 recap

I wonder what Tomlin said to make him laugh so hard?

Defense wins championship. Right now the Steelers defense is hitting on all cylinders, and it's coming at a great time. Especially with the offensive line being so banged up. The last time I saw a carousel of offensive lineman was the 6-10 Tommy Maddox led Steelers. That was a bad year, but it led to good things. The drafting of Ben Roethlisberger.

Back to the game recap. Final Score 23-7. My prediction 31-9. On the right track, I figured the last game was kind of a fluke with the Bengals scoring like that in 4th quarter. Although, I kept feeling like the Bengals were going to make it a closer game near the end of the game, but the last INT by Troy made that go away...until he tossed the ball back instead of just downing the ball. Bonehead move for sure, but he also turned the game the Steelers way with his pick 6 of Palmer. The Woodley pick 6 was great too, gotta love when the defense scores touchdowns.

The Steelers offense just can't seem to get into the end zone as of late. Not sure what the deal is, and it's really annoying. FGs are great, but they're not going to win you games against good teams. I know the Steelers offense out scored the Bengals offense 9-7, but that's just not good enough. I know that line is banged up and that's part of the issue. Ben not having enough time to go through his reads before someone is coming after him is never helping in the production of Touchdowns.

Seriously. The frickin' commentators sucked. They would have liked you to think that the Bengals had the game wrapped up in the 1st quarter when their offense actually produced. Dan Dierdork and Greg Bumble sucked it up. I'm normally not opposed to Greg, but he was getting on my nerves yesterday. I never liked Dierdork, guy was a lineman. You blocked the guy in front of you, I don't really care about your thoughts on anything other than the offensive line. Please, retire.

Oh, and don't think I forgot about you Refs. YOU SUCK. How can you not call that hit on the head of Ben? I saw a game earlier this season where a defender barely brushed Tom Brady's helmet, Brady was all up in the Ref and got a flag on flag on the defender. Ben got swatted in the head, again, and no flag. Then, before the half on a 3rd and goal, there was a late hit. Again no flag, but multiple times the James Harrison hit a QB with the legal time and got flagged. Get it right NFL, make your refs full-time. Make them watch film on legal and illegal hits. This non-sense has to end.

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