Monday, December 27, 2010

Crushed - Steelers vs Panthers Recap

Yeah, I know it was a Thursday night game and this awesome recap is only coming out like 4 days later. But you'll deal.

That was an ass-whoopin' the Panthers got. Although on the Panthers first drive for a little bit it seemed like the Steelers forgot they could tackle and the Panthers thought they could actually play offense. Not so.

We need to see more of those passes to Mike Wallace. That was bad-ass.

Look. Hines Ward has been with the Steelers for 12 years, his production is going to drop off. And it still pisses me off that Santonio Holmes just couldn't lay off the blunts. Holmes was, in my mind, going to take over for Ward. He was filling in nicely, but the dude just had to keep getting high and he got caught, then sent packing.

Oh well, I'm becoming more and more impressed with Sanders and Brown. Steelers have a lot of options for catching the ball. And those guys all seem better than Butterfingers Nate Washington.

I'm happy that the Steelers need to go out and play this weekend to win the division, instead of having it locked up already. Although another part of me would like if they had that 2nd seed locked up already. That week off is going to help the Steelers heal a little.

That's it for my awesome recap.

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