Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Damn, that was a game - Steelers vs Ravens recap

Damn. When I think of a good NFL game, this game between the Steelers vs Ravens is what I think of. Hard hitting, tough defense, last minute heroics.

Would be great if the NFL officials could actually get their damn act together. Two illegal hits and no flags, how does that happen these days. Since they flag legal hits half the time. Good to know they at least fined the Ravens for those hits. Hines Ward is right, someone is going to lose a game in the playoffs because the Refs can't get it right.

Ben really had to get use to his foot being in that shoe boot, and it showed in the first half. The announcers wouldn't let you forgot about it either, god I hate Chris Collinsworth. I swear they had one camera guy just focusing on Ben's foot. So annoying. Ben got on the right path in the second half, plus it helped his receivers started catching the ball on 3rd down.

At first it looked like the defense was going to let the Ravens pass all over them. But, again they showed up and started shutting them down. Frickin McFadden, better get it together you've been taking a beating this season. Troy came up big in another game against the Ravens, seems like he always makes a difference in those types of games. Gotta say, it was nice to have Keisel back, although the Defensive line has been holding it's own with Aaron Smith and Keisel out. Ziggy Hood was a good choice.

As much as I hate the Ravens, I look forward to the games between these two teams.

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