Monday, December 20, 2010

Close Game, with a crappy finish - Steelers vs Jets recap

Close NFL games come down to big plays and mistakes. The Steelers did not make any real big game changing plays and they made all the mistakes. Allowing the Jets opening kickoff return was a big breakdown, actually the special teams play of the Steelers were kind of crap all day. The Jets got really good field position out of their returners yesterday, and on punts they pinned the Steelers back inside the 5 several times. Those are hard to overcome, and besides the safety, the Steelers did. Then that safety late in the game, which made the Steelers need a touchdown instead of a field goal.

I actually thought the Steelers played well on Offense yesterday. The offense seemed to be clicking a little better than the previous weeks, they actually scored some touchdowns. The defense, well, they played ok, that's below well. Really need to get pressure on the QB, that seemingly wasn't there yesterday. I don't know, seems like the Steelers held back on defense, just like they did against the Patriots. Maybe thinking they'll see them again in the playoffs and did not want to tip their hand?? Seems dumb to me, but you know how those AFC East teams like to video tape everything.

I do not like complaining about the refs, but I'm going to. If you're going to call defensive holding when a jersey gets grabbed, you need to call that every time. There were quite a few plays where the Jets DBs grabbed the jersey of the Steelers receivers. Plus, I'm sick of the non-hold calls on the Steelers linebackers, those are obvious holds and the head referee is right there. With that said, those non-calls DID NOT cost the Steelers the game, they had a chance at the end of regulation to win that game and came up short. Not even going to say if any of those holds had been called if the outcome would have been different. You can't look at a game like that, but the NFL needs to make referees full-time employees (I don't think they are).

On to Thursday, Steelers are already in the playoffs. Win out for the number 2 seed and the division. Let's go Steelers!

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