Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A win is a win - Steelers vs Bill recap

Well, well, well. The Steelers let the Bills stay in the game and somehow overcame a certain loss in Buffalo this past Sunday.

There's a reason why you can't say a game is over by halftime, since the Steelers dominated the Bills in the first half and let them hang around, then comeback and go into overtime. Had it not been a drop by Stevie Johnson the Steelers would have lost. BUT, they didn't, it's another win for the Steelers.

Worry about celebrating after you catch the ball Stevie, not as the ball is floating into your arms. Fail.

There was a time I wished every game was like last week against the Raiders. 35-3 blowout. Not anymore, a lot of games like that don't prepare you for the post-season. They just let you waltz into the post-season then get blown out by a team that hit their stride while you were "resting". Games like this can define a season, good or bad.

I had a bad feeling this game was going to go down like it did. The Steelers dominated and were only up by 13 at the half. That's never good with any team. I would have felt better had the score been 21-0 going into the second half, but it wasn't. The Bills just aren't there yet, I mean they've been rebuilding since the late 90's right? That's starting to get Detroit bad.

Steelers win, onto the Ratbirds next week.

I suck at recaps.

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