Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Steelers vs Bengals recap

The hell. Too damn hard to find a picture of the game on the internet. Damn NFL locking down their images or something. Guess I could have taken more than 2 minutes to look, but I shouldn't have to. I SHOULD have snapped a picture of one of Chad Oinchocinco's temper tantrums. That was great to watch. Man he sucks. The Steelers expose him for the phony that he is. Too bad the same can't be said about T.O.

I know T.O. runs his mouth and can have a bad attitude, but he can produce. He did last night that's for damn sure, could you cover the guy maybe?

The game looked like a blowout by the Steelers early on, then the o-line started going down. I thought for sure the Bungs would take advantage, but that make-shift line did the job. I didn't get some of the three straight runs that ended with a punt. I know you want to establish the run, but you have Ben as your QB now, let him pass for the 1st down ESPECIALLY if you're going to run the ball in singleback formation. If you're not even going to put a "fullback" in the backfield. Just pass on 3rd and short. No fullback and a charging D, you'll probably never convert. I miss Dan Kreider sometimes.

That damn comeback took a few years off my life, and Skippy IF the Steelers offer you a new contract after this season and it's not the amount of money you want and you bitch. Have fun kicking in the UFL.


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