Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Steely McGnome Recaps Steelers vs Saints

Just what you needed, some other a-hole recapping a game. I try to do this every week but it just doesn't always happen. I think I've done one recap so far this year. Whatever, like 1 person might read this.

Well kids, Steely McGnome was WAY off on the final score. Saints won 20-10, bastards.

I wouldn't look too much into the Saints as being all that great this year (so far). I've seen this before where the Super Bowl champions go into the season and lose to really crappy teams, then beat good teams only to not make the playoffs because of injuries and just really shitty play down the stretch. Actually, I've seen it twice in recent years. Both years after the Steelers won the Super Bowl.

Steelers had their chances to take this game and it just didn't happen. Plus the Saints defense played really well despite injuries, can't take that away from them at all.

It's easy to point the finger at the play calling at times, looking at you Arians, but Ben needs to recognize those blitzes and get the necessary protection and routes to his receivers before the snap. If he wants to be the man, he's got to act like it. And I'm sick of hearing about the rust that Ben has from missing 4 games. I bet it was there the 1st week, not like he was injured and out an entire year, yeah every game he'll be rusty. Not the case, get over it announcers, call the game and not everything else.

I also read somewhere complaining about Antwaan Randle El's punt returning production. Yes, it's true, he's not getting the return yards, BUT he's back there on a short field. Most of the time he's fielding punts when the opposing team is in between 40 yard lines. Meaning that there will be a swarm of defenders by the time the ball arrives. Who do you want back there, a rookie who thinks he can break away from those defenders, but in reality gets knocked for a loss or worse muffs the punt. Or do you want the veteran and can recognize when to call a fair catch to prevent the ball being downed inside the ten or fielding a punt and getting a few more yards. Yes Sanders had a long punt return, but that's when the Saints were punting from their 20, lots of room to run. I'd say the Steelers are making the right choices in the return game.

The Steelers defense is unfortunately breaking at this point, but I'm not blaming them. The D has been put into too many situations where they're excepted to stop a team with a short field within minutes of each other. Defenses are going to break when you keep giving an offense multiple times to try and score.

Losses suck, but they happen. It's not the end of the world.

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