Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Steelers vs Raiders Recap

That image says it all about the Raiders this past Sunday. Hopes crushed. The Steelers shut you down on Sunday and that's putting it nicely.

I had to watch this game online, since the stupid Ravens were on the local CBS this week. Luckily I found something worthwhile to watch. The Raiders had no answers to the Steelers on all aspects of the game. So Oakland, you're not quite there, maybe if you draft a franchise QB to groom instead of picking up free agent after free agent for the position. So, maybe in a few years the Raiders may actually be good. (Well, once Al Davis dies).

All those penalties sucked balls, but I'm not getting into that, there are plenty of others talking about that. Stupid Ginger Commissioner.

The running game from the Steelers lacked a little. The numbers lie, not saying I won't take them, but they lie. Ben got a lot of those yards on 3 rushes, they were passing plays with the Raiders dropping seemingly everyone back and there were clear lanes for Ben to run. Other than that the Raiders kind of shut down Mendenhall. NEED A REAL FULLBACK.

Oh, and the final score was 35-3. This has been the closest prediction in a long time for Steely McGnome.

Gobble Gobble bitch.

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