Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Well, that was interesting

Last night it seemed as if the Steelers were going to continue on in their funk. Getting run over on offense and having a defense that looked like the squad getting cut at the end of preseason.

Then the Steelers got a Field goal, then some touchdowns right before halftime. What a crazy turn of events. The defense got some pressure and more importantly. Turnovers. In good field position. And the offense converted those turnovers to touchdowns. 

Now if the Steelers played like this every week, maybe the fans wouldn't be so nit picky.

Now the last 3 minutes of the game almost gave me a heart attack, since the defense turned into a pumpkin let the Texans march down the field and get a TD late. Luckily the hands team came through and sealed the deal. 

THIS needs to continue the rest of the season, the playing to their potential and not like crap. 

LeBeau is still on my hot seat though. He has been and will be no matter what. All things must end.

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