Monday, April 29, 2013

Key Players For Pittsburgh Not Top Fantasy Football Performers

Recently I was contacted by someone at Fan Duel for them to post an article on my site, I got to give them a topic to go on. One thing that is really frustrating as a Steelers fan is that they kind of have terrible fantasy players, I normally stay away from the team when drafting. I think the article below illustrates my point. 

Despite the Pittsburgh Steelers having high hopes nearly every single season, they have not really had a go-to fantasy football individual player for a while. In 2013, things look to be no different. So when should a Steelers fan realistically target some of the team’s top talent?

The top wide receiver for the Steelers in 2013 figures to be Antonio Brown at this point. Usually, the top targets for a team are poised to have solid overall seasons. However, many experts have Brown outside the top 20 wide receiver options in the league. That means in most league formats, he will be perhaps the third best option on a daily fantasy sports team. Don’t be blinded by being a fan, because in the grand scheme of things, there are quite a few better options.

After Brown, there is a chance that no other Pittsburgh player goes within the first 100 picks of a draft. That might seem crazy to some, but with a lack of legitimate offensive stars, that is the reality at the moment. Emmanuel Sanders will be targeted at some point though, along with Ben Roethlisberger, shortly after those top picks. Roethlisberger is an especially intriguing case, because he is one of those guys that appears to be better in games than on paper. He will be somewhere between the 13th-15th quarterback taken, although many would rank him in the top 10 in the league. If you want Roethlisberger, make sure you do not reach for him simply due to name recognition. Let someone else make that mistake.

Finally, the running back position is still somewhat of a mess for the Steelers, so it is no surprise that Jonathan Dwyer is not even a top 40 option at that position. He could be one of those players taken late, or in smaller leagues he could be completely overlooked in the draft. Until the Steelers show more consistency running the ball, this will be the case.

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