Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I made some funny photoshops

This off-season we've seen some Steelers go, and some stay. Mike Wallace wanted paid despite not putting forth any real effort this past season. So the Dolphins threw a bunch of money at him, hoping he can be the answer to their terrible offense. Good luck Miami, he's only going to play when he feels like it, and since he got paid that will be never again.

James Harrison didn't want to take a pay cut, and thought it would be best to go to another AFC North team. First he tried with the Ravens, and they didn't want him. The Bengals decided to take Harrison in and give him a home. That's just wrong going to a rival like that. Sorry it is, I hope for the worst for Harrison at this point. Don't really care what you've done for the Steelers that's in the past. You now play for a direct enemy. Suck it. 

Now this isn't final yet, Hampton could still re-sign with the Steelers. I hope he does and retires a Steeler. He's been one of the best nose tackles ever. Plus, I'll miss saying Big Snack.

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