Friday, August 13, 2010

TO and Oincho

TO and Oincho will no doubt be a great duo in the NFL for years to come...

Oh wait, probably not. Maybe for one season, but it will be the season that's the greatest for the Bungles since TO is the missing piece to their championship woes.

No, he's not. I'm not going to doubt his athleticism or that he's a very good WR. But to think that he's the piece you've been waiting for is ridiculous. I always thought that Johnson, Houshmandlakczahod, and Henry were a dangerous group of receivers and the bungs wasted that. Plus it takes more than just adding 1 person to your offense, unless it's a great QB on an already decent offense, to get you to the promise land.

Have fun Bengal fans, all you're going to get this year is a bunch of shenanigans from two WR who only care about themselves.

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