Friday, August 27, 2010

Dennis Dixon

As much as I liked Bryon Leftwich when he was the backup during the 2008 season, I don't like him there now. Sure he's a good QB, when healthy. But I always thought the Steelers drafted Dennis Dixon to be Ben's backup once Batch was done, so when Ben gets suspended for 4 or 6 games I thought for sure Dixon would get some of those starts to help learn the offense more. Since that game he started against Baltimore started out great, but once the Ravens figured out the 10 plays that he knew it was over for Dixon. Then the Steelers went out and got Leftwich, which just doesn't make sense to me once Ben comes back from his suspension. Who are you going to cut/trade Pittsburgh?

Oh, and I don't like that he took the number 10 as a jersey number. ugh.

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