Thursday, January 14, 2016

Steely McGnome Predicts: AFC Divisional Round - Steelers vs Broncos Round 2

Not the biggest fan of Papa John's Pizza. It's ok. The sauce is a tad sweet for my tastes, but I won't turn down the pizza. I do love that garlic sauce though.

Wow. Last week that game was crazy. I gave up. I had a ton of beer and after that interception late. I walked away. I missed the stripped fumble by Shazier, but didn't miss the rest of the circus that followed. A crazy ending and it is yet another lesson in why you should never give up on an NFL game. Ever.

This week. I don't even know. With all the injuries to the Steelers, I am really stretching to pick the points.

Steelers 26
Broncos 22

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