Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What a way to Start - Week 1 Recap - Steelers vs Titans

Well, that kind of sucked in more ways than one. I mean three Steelers done for the season in one game. How great is that, Pouncey going out was probably the worst since DeCastro is the one that did it. I didn't even see Foote go out, that kind of sucks especially since the season he had last year.

Steelers 9

Titans 16

Someone had more confidence in the Steelers offense.

Terrible performance by that offense. Now I know Pouncey went out and he's the anchor of the offense and the announcers just could not let that go. But all of the lineman are starters in the NFL and they were constantly just standing around while Ben got drilled. Couldn't block for crap in the run game, would these other four guys even make the roster anywhere else?? Pathetic. Decent performance by the defense, can't expect them to throw a shutout every game, but if they hold teams to that many points I'm hoping the offense can do a lot better. There are still a lot of weapons on that team, get it together Pittsburgh or as far as I'm concerned the O-line coach and offensive coordinators better be collecting unemployment come January.

On to next week, one game at a time kids.

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