Monday, January 2, 2012

Stumbling and Fumbling: Steelers vs Browns Round 2 Recap

Steelers 13 Browns 9

Last game of the 2011 season, as it turned out the game was unimportant to the Steelers playoff seeding seeing how the Ravens won their game against the Bengals. The injury to Mendenhall sucks, but knowing that Redman and Clay can run the ball as well will ease my pain. It's hard to blame Redman for those fumbles, the first one was a great hit at the right spot and the other was stripped out of his hands as he is about to hit the ground. Luckily they didn't hurt the Steelers, since the defense stepped up and shut the Browns down.

On to Denver to face Tebow.


Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots. Harlan was definitely trying to use up all his anecdotes in this last game and Wilcots just thinks he knows everything about the game. If he was that great, he'd be a coach and not a commentator.

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